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Welcome to the Unofficial Bulletin Board of the 2002 World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

It's our hope that you find this BB a wonderful & entertaining place to visit. Please take the time to look around and navigate into the various forums we offer for discussions. Should you have any questions regarding policy, functionality, navigation, settings, or any other concern, please feel free to send a PM (Private Message) to one of our Moderators (Mods) for advice or answers. Our Mods are here to help assist you and enforce our rules and regulations. In many cases, they can offer you a response to your concerns in real-time.

In addition to our Mods, we have some of the best veteran posters on any NFL BB right here, and their football and non-football opinions and observations make for some very spirited, interesting & enlightening discussions throughout this BB. We would not hasten to call a few of our Vets "Football Experts". Don't be afraid to ask them questions or jump right into the discussions.

While we are primarily a BB specifically designed and intended for Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans, we are very proud to also be home to many fans of other teams from all over the NFL. We're deeply honored to have so many visitors & regular members representing other NFL teams. Our Mod staff is committed to insuring that every member here is treated fairly and equitably, no matter what team you root for. To that end, we appreciate the fact that "talking smack" is part of what makes football discussion fun. Smack is permitted, providing it's not directed at any individual, nor turned in to malicious, personal attacks. Please keep your smack within our posted rules, and related to football.

We have established certain rules, as we have members of all ages & a wide variety of diverse backgrounds visiting our BB from all over the world, most of whom share a mutual fondness for NFL Football, including we hope, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Our rules are based on being considerate of others opinions as well as the use of good judgment when posting your comments. We ask that you respect our rules and that you always respect the other members & visitors of this board.

In the event you witness other members posting remarks or materials that you feel may be in violation of our posted BB rules, we urge you to report the specific post to a moderator. That report is kept completely confidential.

We offer several different forums so as to create as much of an enjoyable and easily accessible experience as possible. The Team Discussion forum is exclusively intended for NFL Football discussions only, while the Off Topic Folder is closer to an "any topic goes" forum. There are also forums for Graphics as well as other popular subjects.

Below is an explanation of our primary rules in no particular order of relevance:

Spamming & Flaming: Members posting identical thread titles or nearly identical concept threads, or continuous irrelevant threads within a short amount of time will be viewed as Flaming the board. Members promoting information or advertising from, or linked to, any form of commercial entities, will be viewed as Spamming.

Personal Insults & Harassment: Members are prohibited from posting personal insults directed at other members, divulging personal information or images altered or otherwise of other members without their consent. Members are also prohibited from making repeated malicious attacks, including harassment of other members from thread to thread.

Offensive Content: Members are prohibited from posting or linking content containing racial & religious slurs, ethnic slurs & jokes, sexual content and/or slurs, illegal content, hate groups, graphic or disturbing content, profanity, discussions about illegal drugs. We will not tolerate joking about or making light of player injury, or any other offensive content whatsoever, whether used as an example to make a point or in a more direct and malicious manner.

Solicitation of Funds: Members are prohibited from soliciting for donations for foundations, charities, or any other organization.

Conduct: Members are prohibited from intentionally & consistently posting comments that either result in, or are designed to inflame, provoke and incite continuous arguments and mean-spirited debates. All content must be suitable for all ages. If you repost or quote content that is against the rules, you are similarly as guilty, and face the identical consequences as the member who originated it.

Bypassing The Censor: Members are prohibited from attempting to bypass the built-in censor. Bypassing is any action to thwart the intended function of the censor, such as attempting to divulge the actual censored word or words by means of using other spellings, symbols, rhymes, or any facsimiles thereof.

Sig Image & Sig Line Restrictions:Pictures used in signatures are to be exactly 400 pixels in width by 70 pixels in height, and should be no more than 75kb in file size. The borders of the image must be visible at all times. Sports related sig pics are always acceptable. However, we are restricting content within sig pics that in any way promotes, mentions or links any content that is either a specific or a veiled mention/insult relating to any member, former member or group of members of this board as well as commercial or other entities. A great deal of time was put into this site to achieve a professional and clean appearance. While funny and seemingly harmless, using a 'spoof' or 'goofy' Sig pic detracts from the over-all flow of the forum and thwarts the hard work done to create an eye pleasing experience for all of our members. We have several very talented graphic designers and artists on this site who have offered and helped many members get a quality design that enhances the forum.

Images & Text: Members are prohibited from posting any images, links, or posts that contain sexual content, graphic or disturbing content, racial hatred, profanity, gambling or wagering for monetary gain, any content that should not be viewed by children, discussions about illegally pirated NFL audio or video for sale or trade, or any other inappropriate or illegal content.

Team Discussions Forum Folder: To insure the continuity of great football-only related discussions, we have a rule pertaining to content within the Team Discussions Forum Folder: The Team Discussion Forum Folder is for discussions about NFL football only. College/Draft discussions will be restricted to the College/Draft Forum and are not allowed in the Team Discussions Folder. Threads that do not follow this rule will be moved to their appropriate location.

Multiple Accounts: Members are prohibited from using or registering more than one username. Multiple user names (Bi-Posting-ghosting-cloning) is not permitted. Never share your account or password with anyone. Use of more than one account will result in all related accounts being permanently banned.

Thread Titles: Members are prohibited from "calling out", "baiting" or naming any member in the thread title for the purposes of embarrassing or attempting to humiliate that member or members. Members are prohibited from the practice of "selling a thread", which is intentionally titling a thread with false or misleading information or fake "news headlines" simply to garner attention or member responses within the thread. If the thread is intended to be satirical, please place that within the thread, and not the thread title. Members are prohibited from the use of only abbreviations, symbols or numbers to title a thread.

Disciplinary Actions: Members who are deemed by the Admin or Mods to have broken the rules may be subject to a variety of disciplinary actions, as the Admin or Mods see fit. Punishments shall vary, based upon the severity of the offense and the perceived intent of the offense. Actions may be taken without advance notice given, including but not limited to: editing or deleting a post due to content, suspension or permanent removal of a registered account, or any combination thereof. Members who are suspended and attempt to access the BBS under a new username or account will be banned permanently.

Actions by Moderators: If you have questions regarding any actions or decisions made by our Admin or Moderators, please use the Private Message feature and contact one of our Moderators. Your questions and concerns will be handled as time allows. Any discussion, whether in agreement or not with actions taken are private matters, and are not for public discussion under any circumstances. In all cases, the Admin & Mods will exclusively determine if any infractions were made, and to what degree. Modifications, changes & substitutions may be made without notice. The above primary rules are posted in addition to the rules you agreed to during the registration process. Other rules may apply. It is incumbent upon on all members to precisely follow all Mod directives in a timely fashion to avoid banning. Your membership here constitutes your full acceptance of all posted rules.

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